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Andrew - WSM

"Since Ray Burke scrapped the old royalty requirements at a closed door meeting that his senior civil servants advised him not to attend in the 1980s, government after government has stood behind the Great Oil & Gas Giveaway. GSOC and Alan Shatter are minor players in a multibillion euro game that has played out over two decades. It is estimated that Oil & Gas in Irish waters is worth in the region of €640 billion, a sum of money so vast that we can hardly be surprised if so many dirty tricks are played in order to keep it out of the hands of the people of Ireland."

— Andrew - Workers Solidarity Movement

Willie Corduff

"I feel sad and disgusted to see all those yellow jackets and machinery destroying what our fathers and forefathers protected.  We have no choice now but to go back to protesting on the side of the roads."

— Willie Corduff - on the starting of Shell's onshore pipeline work

Justin Keating

"I would like to add this thought, which is a thought about the future. 

If we waste this resource, it will be a crime against Irish people.  We're  in danger of doing it.

I would like to see the abrogation or long-fingering of existing agreements and to open up the situation to the world."

— Justin Keating - former Labour Party Energy Minister

Joy Phido - President – MOSOP-UK

We may not be able to fight these giants individually but collectively we can continue to protest the injustice these corporations meet on our people. Every voice counts, every action counts, every activity counts. Keep it peaceful and never stop. Ken Saro-Wiwa led the way when he gave his life for this struggle and we must all continue to do all it takes to ensure our land and our children’s future are protected.


— Joy Phido - President – MOSOP-UK[1].pdf

William Hederman

"Oil companies are entitled to a 100% tax write-off of all exploration and developments costs extending back to 25 years before the field goes into production. These include the costs of all the other unsuccessful wells the company has drilled in Irish waters; the cost of dismantling the project; and costs incurred in other countries. They can even include the legal costs associated with having stubborn farmers committed to prison."

— William Hederman -


"A 2007 report by the GAO [US Government Accountability Office] examined 142 fiscal systems and confirmed that Ireland had the second lowest rate of government take of all the countries studied (Cameroon had the lowest). Of these 142 fiscal systems, only 34 resulted in government take of less than 50% (50% being twice the rate of Ireland). Indeed, in 60 of these fiscal systems rates of government take are over 70%."

— SIPTU report entitled "Optimising Ireland's Oil and Gas Resources"

David Horgan

"Paying off local people in a legitimate, lawful way goes a long way."

— David Horgan of Petrel Resources on how he would have dealt with safety issues on the Corrib project

Andy Rowell

"[Big Oil] is an industry that bullies and effectively bribes its way to get what it wants. ....It is an industry that has no qualms about using force to quash dissent. It is an industry that colludes with the State to silence and oppress its critics. It is an industry that manipulates the press and twists the truth."

— Andy Rowell - The Price Of Oil

Sandra Steingraber

"From what I could see in Montana, the torch of Wild West lawlessness is now being carried by Wall Street–backed energy corporations, while the real-life cowboys are trying to find things in the law that will slow down the rate of plundering, raise the cost of plundering, or make the plundering marginally less accident-prone."

— Sandra Steingraber in her article "When Cowboys Cry"

Caoimhe Kerins

“It is staggering that Mr Rabbitte is not aware that Irish consumers will pay the same price for gas from Corrib as they pay for gas sourced from Norway. This fact was confirmed most recently by the head of the ESB, Padraig McManus.”

— Caoimhe Kerins - Dublin Shell to Sea spokesperson