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Bjørnar Nicolaisen

"The fish went away,  Catches went immediately 60% down...And it never came back.  It's been 3 years since the last shooting they did and it never came back...

It [Seismic shooting] scares fish at least at distances of 18 nautical miles (which is about 33km),

Co-existence is impossible."

— Bjørnar Nicolaisen - secretary of Norwegian fishermen's union Andøy Fiskarlag - warns of the consequences of seismic surveys

As things now stand, Shell’s proposed Corrib project is made up as follows:

"As things now stand, Shell’s proposed Corrib project is made up as follows:

  • The wellhead is in an earthquake zone
  • The landfall is in a landslide zone
  • The refinery is in a bog and may, or may not, be subsiding.

‘Nuff said!"

— Maura Harrington in email to John Donovan

Patrick Diskin

Campaigner after getting assaulted by Supt. Diskin “Your turning out to be no better than Gannon

Supt. Patrick Diskin - “Fuck off

— Superintendent Patrick Diskin while dealing with a peaceful protest

Colm Rapple

"Minister Rabbitte was asked to delay issuing the [exploration] options until the Committee had concluded its deliberations. He refused, showing scant regard for democracy or the rights of elected representatives to influence government policy. He preferred to take a Stalinist approach, accepting the advice of his department officials "

— Colm Rapple - Irish Mail on Sunday

Governor Shumlin

"Very soon, there is going to be a shortage of clean water on this planet. Drinking water will be more valuable than oil or natural gas. Human beings have survived for thousands of years without oil or natural gas. We have never known humanity or life on this planet to survive without clean water."

— Governor Shumlin speaking as Vermont decides to ban fracking

Oireachtas Committee

"Ireland only taxes the profits of such enterprises [petroleum exploration and production]. There is no per unit tax or levy as in other countries and Ireland's tax rate is relatively low.  The State also does not take an ownership stake in the field or demand royalties. Thus on this basis, Ireland's tax regime is generous in comparison to that of other countries. "

— Oireachtas Committee report on Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration

Leo Mulrooney

"I put it to you, that the evidence you have given here is entirely based on lies, save for your name, your station and the location where this incident occurred."

— Defence barrister Leo Mulrooney questioning Garda Justin Browne just before the Judge dismissed an appeal case against Corrib campaigner, Ray Hanrahan

Jerrie Ann Sullivan

"Possible minor discipline for any one officer is not an appropriate response to the Corrib policing culture of violence and disrespect that has been institutionalised by the State as a whole. This culture has been established and nurtured by politicians who have publicly sanctioned the use of violent force against the community affected by the Corrib gas project."

— Jerrie Ann Sullivan commenting on the GSOC final report

Mass Letter of Complaint

"Parents are delayed by Gardai when picking up their children from school, farmers are stopped when moving animals and machinery, walkers and cyclists are ordered off the public highway and even manhandled by Gardai to make way for construction vehicles. Some people have been prevented from leaving their homes, and have been subjected to night-time visits to their property by both Gardai and so-called security personnel"

— In a letter of complaint signed by 112 resident, they describe how the construction of Corrib Onshore pipeline is being forced through

Terence Conway

"Everybody accepts that Bertie Ahern accepted corrupt payments for planning decisions worth millions, why do you think he wouldn't accept money from the oil industry, when it’s for gas and oil fields worth billions."

— Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway