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Pat Kenny

"It’s [the oil and gas giveaway] a crazy situation..... The answer to that is obviously very simple.  If we get nothing out of it or very little out of it, leave it in the ground, sunshine. Someday it will be gettable and profitable, if it’s not profitable now.   There’s no point.  What is the point in taking anything out if you get nothing out of it. "

— Pat Kenny - finally coming around to the Shell to Sea view on the oil and gas giveaway

Margaret Sekaggya

"I am concerned about the situation and challenges faced by defenders and activists defending the right to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment, particularly those peacefully protesting against the Corrib Gas project in County Mayo....

I have received very serious allegations and some evidence of acts of intimidation, harassment and surveillance of those who oppose the Corrib Gas project, both by the part of the Garda Síochána (police) and the private security firm.  I have also received credible reports indicating the existence of a pattern of criminalization of what has mostly been a peaceful protest movement"

— UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, Margaret Sekaggya

Together with so many others I have a deep and abiding love of Place and it breaks my heart – but not my spirit – and grieves my soul to witness the ugliness, misery and menace created in what may truly be called a Place of Divine Beauty, increasingly rare in a planet under stress.

— Maura Harrington, submission to UN Special Rapporteur on situation of human rights defenders to Ireland,

Donal O'Kelly

"What's been allowed to happen in Erris for the last ten years regarding the Shell Corrib gas project has significantly devalued the standard of democracy in Ireland. It is a symptom of a wider malaise, for which we're paying by selling off our independence, our very status as a democratic state - lack of proper participatory democratic process." 

— Donal O'Kelly- Benbo Productions

Michael Burke

"There is a long history of pillage of Ireland's natural resources, beginning with England's deforestation of the country for its navy. More recently, domestic politicians have continued that trend." 

— Michael Burke - The Guardian

Irish Daily Mail

"The solution, however, is a simple one. Mr Rabbitte should tell the oil companies he is tearing up all existing agreements and seek new licensing terms similar to those that other oil-rich countries, like Norway, demand and get.

Others have dones so; there is no reason why we cannont. Worldwide, oil and gas reserves are steadily diminishing - and therefore ever more valauble - resources."

— Editor of the Irish Daily Mail - 10/09/12

Liquid Assets Report

"The combined total of these company estimates [with prospect & discoveries in Irish territory] is almost 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent."

— Dublin Shell to Sea's "Liquid Assets" Report

Joe Murray

"A priest in a church riven by the scandal of abuse, Fr Hegarty should be aware of the danger of averting one’s eyes from abuses in one’s own backyard. We in Afri will not join those who choose to turn their backs on the abuses currently being carried out by Shell and its security apparatus in North Mayo."

— Joe Murray - Afri

Mary Walsh

"I take issue with Pat Rabbitte dismissing us, citizens as 'these people here', when he's addressing a conference organised by Notre Dame University and being addressed by Exxon Mobil. In a way, it sums up his attitude, ignore any concerns from our community in Mayo or other Irish citizens, while telling Shell and other oil companies exactly what they want to hear".

— Mary Walsh - speaking at the Energy conference at which Pat Rabbitte was disrupted.

Unknown Protestor

"This man [Pat Rabbitte] is selling off our oil and gas while Irish people have been evicted"

— Unknown Protestor to Pat Rabbitte in Buswells hotel