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Owens Wiwa

'Ireland should not negotiate away it's environment for the sake of a few jobs..'' 

— Dr Owens Wiwa, brother of of executed Nigerian poet Ken Saro Wiwa

PJ Moran

"First you came and tried to take our land.
Then when that didn't work you put 5 of our men to jail.
Then when that didn't work you brought in 200 gardaí and beat us into the drains and ditches"

— PJ Moran to Shell at the EPA oral hearing April 2007.

Maura Harrington

"Given the continuing imposition of the proposed Corrib Gas Project, the reality at Glengad is that Justice and the Law are mutually exclusive. My reality exists in the interest of Justice, and I can live with it. You Judge, must live with your reality and that is an appalling vista."

— Maura Harrington in court to Judge Haughton - 10/12/09

Fionntán Ó Suilleabháin

"Meanwhile, we suffer further cost saving cuts to essential public services; the Shell corporation records revenues of €458 billion and those who dare to dissent, such as Maura Harrington could face the grim prospect of spending Christmas in Mountjoy Jail."

— Fionntán Ó Suilleabháin - Letter to Irish Times 14/12/09

"Shell made €28 billion in profits last year, Ireland didn’t."

— Mick -

Michael McCaughan

"The recent clerical abuse report criticised gardai for a culture of deference to church authorities, ‘shocking connivance’ in its failure to investigate complaints about priests and ‘totally inappropriate relationships’ between top level gardai and clergy they regarded as ‘outside their remit.’ If you switch the archdiocese for Shell you could be describing the inappropriate relationship between gardai and Shell in county mayo over the past ten years in which gardai have consistently taken the side of one party to the conflict, leaving local residents completely disillusioned and disenfranchised."

— Journalist Michael McCaughan speaking at the Ken Saro Wiwa Memorial Weekend - 28/11/09

Ken Saro Wiwa

"Dance your anger and your joys,
Dance the military guns to silence,
Dance oppression and injustice to death,
Dance my people,
For we have seen tomorrow
And there is an Ogoni star in the sky."

— Ken Saro Wiwa - Hung for opposing Shell

Irish Examiner

"Accounts for 2008 have yet to be filed by Shell E&P Ireland. However, in the company’s returns to the end of 2007, they show that accumulated losses were €121m, due largely to developing the Corrib gas field.

The filings show that the losses would have been much higher but for Shell E&P Ireland Ltd receiving tax credits from the exchequer totalling €28m in the four years to the end of 2007, paying no net tax during that period."

— Gordon Deegan - Irish Examiner - 16th Nov 09

Dan Boyle

"Essentially its a community campaign and its people who can see there's no value added with this project as its presently constituted and the government needs to ask itself several questions as to how we deal with issues like this where the corporate identity of a company seems to have greater legal status than individual citizen's rights"

— Dan Boyle (Green Party) speaking on RTE about Corrib in 2005

An Bord Pleanala

the Board considers:-

(1) The design documentation for the pipeline and the quantified risk analysis (QRA) provided with the application does not present a complete, transparent and adequate demonstration that the pipeline does not pose an unacceptable risk to the public.

— An Bord Pleanala refusing permission for the selected pipeline route - 2/11/09