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Kilcommon letter to Shell

 "[This], which effectively amounts to ongoing and escalating physical and psychological harassment - and particularly whilst Pat O'Donnell remains unjustly incarcerated - I have decided not to meet with you or any of your agents in relation to the proposed Corrib gas project for the forseeable future."

— Community of Kilcommon - From the letter of response to Shell's sham consultation

Vicky Conway

"Yes this is a clear finding that in one of the longest running protests in the State, which raises very serious questions about the disproporationate application of the law to the powerful and, legally speaking, the powerless in society, the police of our State have breached fundamental rights of the campaigners. This is not a case which should be glanced over."

— Dr. Vicky Conway - Law Lecturer on Human Rights in Ireland

Rose Conway-Walsh

"This is a complete waste of resources and scarce resources I might add when you consider that we are struggling to keep beds open in Belmullet hospital. It is a complete waste of money to bring these people to court and to keep Pat O'Donnell in jail and separated from his family."

— Councillor Rose Conway Walsh - after 25 of the 27 peoples in court had their charges dismissed or withdrawn

Fintan O Toole

"It [Bord Pleanála] found that on the stretch between Glengad and Aghoos, there was an “unacceptable” risk to local people in the event of an explosion. The media response to this development was extremely muted, but its implications are profound.

If the pipeline poses an unacceptable risk, members of the local community didn’t just have a right to protest. They had a duty to do so.

To have sat quietly would have been to recklessly endanger others."

— Fintan O'Toole - Irish Times 16th Feb 2010

Judge Gerard Haughton

"The defendant [Eoin Lawless] spent 27 hours in custody....  after 2 hours, by 4:20pm, that detention had become unlawful."

— Judge Gerard Haughton before dismissing the charges against Eoin Lawless

Eamon Ryan

"I have serious concerns that the Government constantly took Shell's side, in effect, throughout this process. The Taoiseach downgraded the role of An Bord Pleanála by proposing to introduce a critical infrastructure Bill. [...]

I contend that he put remarkable and untold pressure on An Bord Pleanála to accept the Government's will and to do the right thing in this case. It is to be deeply regretted that such actions have been bad for the long-term position of An Bord Pleanála as a credible and independent body."

- Eamon Ryan

Recently Bob Hanna. the Chief Technical officer in Ryan's department critised Bord Pleanála on the safety measures they are looking for on the onshore Corrib Gas pipeline.

— Eamon Ryan in the Dáil on 24th Nov 05

Harry Barrett

“I am convinced that people in the county are beginning to realise that what has gone on in north Mayo, in the name of the State, has been an insult to democracy and the rights of the citizen under the Constitution.”

— Harry Barret - Labour Councillor for Castlebar

Joe Higgins

"The Irish political establishment stands condemned by the whole Corrib gas saga. The anti-social criminals known as speculators and big bankers whose lust for super profits crashed the Irish economy with disastrous consequences for ordinary people and for society in general. Not one of them has been before a criminal court.

But a local fisherman has the whole force of the State mobilised against him to achieve a manufactured conviction and a jail sentence because he stands for community benefit over private greed."

— Joe Higgins MEP - after meeting Pat O Donnell in Castlerea prison

Joe Higgins

"Contrary to the statement of Judge Raymond Groarke, Pat O’Donnell is no thug or bully – he is a hero for standing up to Shell to defend the safety of his community.

The Irish state has played the role of thug and bully in this conflict. They have intimidated, beaten, and repeatedly jailed peaceful protestors for actively opposing the giveaway of €420 billion worth of oil and gas off the west coast of Ireland."

— Joe Higgins - MEP

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Pat O Donnell

"All I am trying to do is protect my family and the seas that are our livelihood.  My family has fished these waters for five generations - I have no authority to sell the rights to these waters"

— Pat O Donnell - fisherman