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Banner at John Gormley's office

Mission Accomplished: Shell takeover of Ireland now complete

— Banner raised this week outside John Gormley's office in the Custom House

Former Employee of Shell Oil USA

Instead they [Shell] seem to have treated the Irish like just another third world country. They corrupt the government, try to steal the resources, pay no taxes, and treat the people like crap. Shell is making no friends amongst the Irish and I suppose they don’t care as long as they can manipulate (buy off?) the government.

— Former Employee of Shell Oil USA

Niall Harnett

"And if compulsory acquisitions are ordered against local residents, we will see for the first time in the history of the Irish state, the lands of private citizens being controlled by mercenaries under the name IRMS Security, paid for by Shell."

— Niall Harnett from Castlerea Prision in his submission to Bord Pleanala

John Gormley

“Along with other EU States, Ireland has designated certain areas for nature protection and, in those areas, that must be our priority. Many people, indeed, find recreation in the enjoyment of undisturbed nature”

— John Gormley exposing his own hypocrisy after allowing Shell drill in Sruwaddacon Estuary

Western People Editorial

"The only conclusion one can reach is that Corrib is a microcosm of everything that is wrong in the Irish State.  Already a decade behind its original schedule, it is a fitting memorial to a feckless, bungling Government that has dumped this country and its people in an economic dustbin."

— Western People Editorial - 27th July 2010

Niall Harnett

"Your letters and photos have sparked riots in the maximum security wing of my heart"

— Niall Harnett in a recent letter quoting Sideshow Bob of the Simpsons

Cllr Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan

“Your bravery in standing up to tyranny should be commended. It was not people who hid under the beds that won freedom for Ireland, it was people like yourself.”

— Cllr Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan - Mayor of Roscommon - on the release of Pat O Donnell

Stein Bredal

When oil was first found in the North Sea, Norway was “very lucky to have had some strong politicians who planned for the future”, and ensured that the Norwegian state built up expertise in the oil and gas industry, took a 78 per cent tax stake, and ran a state company...

— Stein Bredal - Former Statoil board member - from IT article

Caoimhe Kerins

“When the Rossport 5 were in prison, Eamon Ryan stood on the street and protested with us. Since he has gone into office he has tried to disassociate himself from Shell to Sea. Now he is having charges pressed against a campaigner for peaceful and symbolic protest. It is unbelievable."

— Caoimhe Kerins - Dublin Shell to Sea

Barack Obama

"The oil companies say that they know how to handle these problems, but it turns out that they actually don't"

— Barack Obama