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Nigel Wright

"I'm just wondering if we have got into a design rut here, a groove, because of the previous operating conditions and that's driven the thinking and it is a chance to stand back on that thinking"

— Nigel Wright - An Bord Pleanala pipeline expert

Rossport Solidarity Camp

"The struggle against Shell is a struggle for everyone in Ireland. You can be part of it."

— Rossport Solidarity Camp

An Taisce

“Ireland  has the highest per capita level of actions and judgements by the European Court of Justice against any nation state in relation to breaches of Environmental Directives, namely Waste, Water, Environmental Impact Assessment, Birds and Habitats. It would be an admirable legacy if the Green Ministers were to ensure their last Ministerial actions did not add to Ireland’s environmental and financial liability”

— Charles Stanley-Smith - Chair of An Taisce speaking after the Bord Pleanala decision

Martin Nolan

"The development is a major project by any measure. Notwithstanding that fact, the modified proposed 2010 development will have a remarkably light impact on the pristine environment of the area."

— Martin Nolan - Bord Pleanala Inspector on granting permission to run a 4.2metre diamter tunnel for 5km through a conservation area

Pat O'Donnell

“How do the gardaí know there was no third-party involvement, when they did not set up checkpoints at ports after I had reported the sinking.  My call was logged at 4.43am, and there was a sighting of a man getting into a car with a wetsuit on at Killala at around 7am”

— Pat O Donnell on the Garda 'investigation' into the sinking of his boat

Frederick Douglass

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

— Frederick Douglass

[There] "could be 20 or more Corribs out there -- or very little -- depending on how the exploratory drilling progresses this year."

— Julian Cetti, Shell Ireland's Head of Commercial & Business Strategy in Wikileaks cable

Nnimmo Bassey

"Shell ...has become a pseudo-political organization bent on taking political power and undermining our national interest, national security and our sovereignty.”

— Nnimmo Bassey - Friends of the Earth Nigeria

Brian Ó Catháin

"The impact [of the delays] is that Corrib will never pay tax"

— Brian Ó Catháin - former MD of Enterprise Oil & geologist for Shell

Vicky Conway

"Its hard not to feel that this was an instance in which the gardaí were exercising their coercive power without authority. It was as if their job was to ensure that the pipes got laid, Jonathan was in the way, and if an arrest in this manner did not later lead to a conviction that was irrelevant: the pipes would be laid."

— Dr Vicky Conway on the arrest of Jonathan O Donnell