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Dr Bríd Connolly

“This recording is an affront to women, an affront to freedom to protest, and rape is not a joking matter. How can women who have been assaulted have any confidence in the Garda if this is the sort of attitude that prevails?  It undermines the work done with the Garda by rape crisis centres and Women’s Aid, and takes us back 40 to 50 years”

— Dr Bríd Connolly - lecturer in NUI Maynooth

William Callaghan

"Since my first visit to the Rossport area in May 2005, I have returned too often to count. So why are people like me drawn to this place? It’s not just its natural beauty, though that is a factor. It’s not just the inspiring spirit, determination and brave direct action of a people under siege in an isolated community, though that is something that has brought tears to my eyes and changes to my outlook on life.

Mainly it is because the Corrib Gas saga raises the question: what kind of society do we want to live in?"

— William Callaghan of Dublin Shell to Sea in a recent article for the Mayo Advertiser

Padraig McManus

"We are not going to get Corrib Gas cheaper than gas from anywhere else.  You know gas is an international commodity so we'll pay the same price as getting it it from the UK"

— ESB Chief Executive Padraig McManus

Fintan O'Toole

"Economic and scientific elites are prey to delusions that the unlikely will not happen. The rest of us pick up the pieces when it does."

— Fintan O'Toole - Irish Times - 22nd March 2011

Ferdia - S2S Erris

"We, the people of Erris who can see further than the next instalment of Shell Blood Money, salute and thank each and every man and woman who has stood with us and continues to do so. ...[I] for one, am proud to be part of something which has transcended the usual definition of protest, and become a phenomenon which, even as we speak, is changing hearts and minds locally, nationally and internationally in ways that even we can't fully envisage at the moment.

Be proud and stand tall."

— Ferdia - S2S Erris on Indymedia

John Burke

"The [EPA] advisory committee also revealed in its submission that Ireland accounted for 75 per cent of all outstanding European Court of Justice (ECJ) rulings on breaches of environmental legislation."

— John Burke - Sunday Business Post

Submission from Rossport Solidarity Camp to Bord Pleanala

"To quote UCD Professor of Economics, Morgan Kelly from a recent newspaper article “It is no longer a question of whether Ireland will go bust, but when.”

How is the state going to buy back its gas from Shell if the country is bankrupt?"

— Rossport Solidarity Camp in their closing submission to An Bord Pleanal

Joe Higgins

“This is just outrageous and it is grotesque that a government whose credibility has been shattered and that has been utterly disowned by the Irish electorate would make such a momentous decision ...  

This is an attempt to complete the total sell-out by Fianna Fáil to the multinationals. Mr Carey is putting the final stamp on this monumental and shameful sell-out."

— Joe Higgins newly re-elected to the Dail on Pat Carey's decision to sign a Corrib consent on election day

Tony O’Reilly Snr

“Since I own 35 per cent of the newspapers in Ireland I have close contact with the politicians. I got the [exploration] blocks he [his geoloist] wanted.”

— Tony O’Reilly Snr - Forbes interview 1983 - This year Providence Resources will drill for Oil & Gas off the west coast

Risteard Ó Domhnaill

"Last but not least, I want to thank the people of this small, beautiful, some would say insignificant part of Ireland, Rossport.  At a time when the leaders of our country put the resources of the state at the behest of huge private interests, it's their dignity and their courage which should be an inspiration for people everywhere around the country who are suffering now."

— Risteard Ó Domhnaill - in his acceptance speech for Best Documentary at the IFTAs