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Maura Harrington

"This is about a sense of place and its people....They say we are opposed to progress, and laugh at us. But to me, progress is the ability to sustain yourself, and those who come after you. It's nature and nurture: what we here call muinhin, which means of the place, and cointeann, which means to get a little awkward when that place and its people are about to be torn apart."

— Maura Harrington

Contaminated Crow

"For Rossport and Bhopal, in both India and Ireland a corrupt and collusive post-colonial political elite appear happy to sacrifice their citizens on the altar of national development, while supporting foreign multinationals using untried technology in the pursuit of profit and endangering public health and safety."

— Contaminated Crow - Indymedia

Laurence Cox

"In the late 1970s, an alliance of mass movements stopped plans for nuclear power in Ireland at Carnsore Point in Wexford. If anywhere has the capacity to be the Carnsore Point of the 2010s - a place where the machinery of destruction and impoverishment can be stopped in its tracks, and where social movements can rally around the development of alternatives for Irish development - it is Rossport."

— Laurence Cox - Interface Journal

Terence Conway

“It's a disgrace that Gardaí, whose colleagues are currently under investigation for joking about raping protesters, are cable-tying the legs of protesters up on top of tractor cabs.”

— Terence Conway - Shell to Sea spokesperson

Colm Rapple

"Mr Rabbitte [Minister for Energy] is still intent on issuing licences under the new round due to close for applications next month. This is nothing short of scandalous and in no way justified by the general arguments he put forward."

— Colm Rapple - Irish Mail on Sunday

An Taisce

"The only thing Stanley-Smith [Chair of An Taisce] says that is certain, is that if the pipeline is developed in contravention of EU environmental law, Irish taxpayers will have to foot the bill for fines amounting to tens of millions of Euro for non-compliance with EU directives. This will be in addition to seeing their resource squandered through the short-sightedness of previous Governments and decisions by the like of former Minister Ray Burke."

— An Taisce

Finian McGrath

"We never got to the bottom of the deals signed with oil and gas companies, particularly during the time of former Minister, Ray Burke. Were back-handers given and did the major parties receive significant donations from these companies? These are legitimate questions which should be answered immediately, and our people deserve the truth. We must get all the facts regarding these big companies."

— Finian McGrath - Independent TD

Alf Nilsen

"This is one example of how neo-liberalism furthers what we call accumulation by dispossession, which means turning commonly-owned goods into private capital and into something which only a few people can benefit from, and where most people lose out."

"Does Statoil really want to be part of this kind of politics, which is so different from the policy we have followed in Norway? Does Statoil really want to take part in a project where the Irish police are using patriarchal techniques of power like threats of rape?"

— Alf Nilsen - University of Bergen, Norway

Dáil Protestor

"Isn't it amazing that the few bad apples all happened to be in the same bad car down in Mayo"

— Dáil Protestor attending protest over rape comments by Gardaí

Joe Higgins

"When the Minister for Justice [Alan Shatter] was asked on radio this morning about this, he spoke instead about the economic benefits of the Corrib Gas and could only find words of condemnation for those who object to giving our natural resources for nothing to multinational corporations.  Which condenmation includes the two women the subject of this disgusting remarks who were there to protest at this government and preceding governments policy with regard to Corrib."

— Joe Higgins - MEP