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Callinan - "Some Shower Brian"

"About 120 protesters outside Mullingar station Ming Flanagan, Maura Harrington, etc. Supporting McCabe. M" - Ex-Garda Commissioner Callinan

"You can judge a man by his friends" Brian Purcell - SG of Dept of Justice

"Some shower Brian" Callinan


— Texts involving Martin Callinan - Ex-Garda Commissioner

Catherine Murphy - TD

"The Corrib licence was granted under an older licensing system. No royalties are payable, just corporation tax of 25pc less any allowances that the companies enjoy. That system was completely flawed and yet again we find that there are only marginal returns for taxpayers from new gas finds."

— Catherine Murphy - TD

Belfast solicitors KRW Law

“It would be a question of the utmost public concern if an undercover officer were effectively permitted to operate without justification, authorisation or oversight in Ireland.”

— Belfast solicitors KRW Law speaking about British undercover policeman Mark Kennedy spying on Corrib campaigners in Ireland

Fran Foley

"Naturally theres a strong Garda presence .. they are stealing OUR natural resources .. and the priority of the guards is to protect criminal filth like them."

— Fran Foley on Facebook commenting on the opening of the Corrib Gas Project

But perhaps big oil’s biggest success was diminishing the political will to implement appropriate regulation. Even after the int

But perhaps big oil’s biggest success was diminishing the political will to implement appropriate regulation. Even after the international community adopted the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992, the fossil-fuel industry managed to block meaningful progress — to the point that, if serious action is not taken soon, the entire process could unravel.

In Europe, Royal Dutch Shell’s lobbying so diluted the EU’s efforts that there are now no binding targets for renewables or energy efficiency for individual countries. The company even sent a letter to the European Commission’s president claiming that “gas is good for Europe.” Shell and other oil companies are now promising to work as “advisers” to national governments on how to deal with climate change.

— Kelle Louaillier and Bill McKibben

Derrick Crowe

"[Shell] remains one of the most contemptible organizations in the history of humankind, and activists should not back off one inch in the fight against their depredations. The future depends on it."

— Derrick Crowe - Huffington Post

Bill McKibben

"One more thing is worth remembering: there is no more contemptible company on earth than Shell Oil. .... They watched the Arctic melt and then they decided that would make it easier for them to drill for more oil. People will remember Shell as a watchword for greed the way we remember, all these millennia later, Pharaoh as a watchword for cruelty."

— Bill McKibben - TheNation

Kevin Moore

"From a strategic planning perspective, this is the wrong site; from the perspective of Government policy which seeks to foster balanced regional development, this is the wrong site; from the perspective of minimising environmental impact, this is the wrong site; and consequently, from the perspective of sustainable development, this is the wrong site"

— Kevin Moore, Senior Planning Inspector with An Bord Pleanala

Maura Harrington

"That was the first time Ireland tested out the state – corporate nexus. What they were doing was very simple. They were sorting out their template here in Rossport. The line is: 'go in hard',"

— Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington

A nation's sovereignty

“We declare that the Nation’s sovereignty extends not only to all men and women of the Nation, but to all its material possessions, the Nation’s soil and all its resources."

— from the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil, 1919