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Final day 15: The Long Walk from Rossport to Dublin - Sat 12th Aug 2006

Day 15: The Long Walk from Rossport to Dublin - Sat 12th Aug 2006
The final leg saw the 'Long Walkers', Shell to Sea campaigners and hundreds of supporters gather at Kilmainham Jail to start the walk to Dublin city centre.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Vincent Jackson welcomed the 'Long Walkers' to the city.

Hundreds set out to walk the last few miles into the city.

The 'Long Walkers' paid their final visit to 'Shell' as they have done to every Shell and Statoil filling station along the route. Although Shell and Statoil have sold off their fuel distribution stations, it's still a reminder that the citizens of Ireland will receive NO royalties from the Corrib gas field, unlike the Norwegian citizens who will receive revenue through their state oil company, Statoil who holds a 38% stake in the consortium.

Over the liffey and into O'Connell Street.

The final destination was the GPO in O'Connell Street. The 'Long Walkers' were clapped by supporters as they completed their epic 200 mile + journey from Rossport to Dublin city Centre.

Support from AFRI

John Monaghan spoke to the assembled crowd, thanking the 'Long Walkers' and all the people they had met along the route who had encouraged them and shown their support in various ways from the hooting of car horns to being invited into houses for tea along the route, from people who came into the trailer HQ for more information to the hundreds who wanted to shake hands and wished us 'Good Luck'. John declared the 'Long Walk from Rossport to Dublin' a complete success. We had set out to bring directly to the people of Ireland information and awareness about the situation that the communities of Erris have found themselves in the past 5 years. John said he was delighted with the level of general awareness that people had about the real issues involved from the giving away of natural resources to health and safety, and the environment.

Michael O Seighin then spoke in Irish and English to the assembled crowds.

Finally the 'Long Walkers' posed for the final photographs, shook hands and headed off for a well deserved rest.

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21 August 2006 - 1:11am