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New book - Rossport 5 our story - Compiled and edited by Dr. Mark Garavan

Rossport 5 Our Story

To be published: December 2006
Price: €12
Available for Sale: Ireland
Market: Current Affairs

The truth by the men in their own words

For the first time the Rossport Five talk directly about their experiences confronting the might of Shell Oil.
There are vivid descriptions of the sense of siege felt in the small village of Rossport as the enormous Corrib gas project was being prepared and developed. The men and their wives describe their frantic efforts to prevent Shell entering their lands.
In moving language, they detail their isolation and fear as Shell applied concerted pressure on them to consent to their project. This culminated in Shell's decision to seek to commit the men to prison indefinitely.
The book provides vivid first-time accounts of their prison experiences, how these ordinary citizens endured the efforts by the State and the multi-national to force them to abandon their opposition.
The men outline the wave of support which reached them in prison and made them more steadfast in their determination to defend the health and safety of their families and communities.
Finally, they describe how these experiences have affected them personally. This dramatic account offers a series of telling insights into contemporary Ireland.

Compiled and edited by Mark Garavan, a lecturer in sociology at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Castlebar, Co Mayo and a spokeperson for the Shell-to-Sea campaign, the Rossport 5: Our Story will be available in December 2006. Advance orders can be made to

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21 August 2006 - 2:04am