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Day7: The Long Walk from Rossport to Dublin - Fri 4th Aug

Day 7 of The Long Walk from Rossport to Dublin saw the 13 walkers say good bye to Charlestown. The first stop was the Carracastle Community Centre.

All roads lead to Dublin?

Sadly leaving Mayo but sure of a very warm welcome in Roscommon.

A quick visit to the Douglas Hyde Centre, to pay respects to the man who founded the Gaelic League and who served as the first President of Ireland.

When the walkers arrived at Frenchpark it signalled that 100 miles had been walked since leaving Rossport.

Shell to Sea would like to mention the very warm reception given to them when they arrived at Frenchpark by the Boyle Anti Pylon group.
Also, thanks to everyone in Ballaghdereen for the exceptionally warm welcome and to those who attended the public meeting.

Posted Date: 
7 August 2006 - 6:36pm