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Rossport Solidarity Camp Planning Forum and Building Weekend, 4th-7th of August.

Draft agenda and further details of Rossport Solidarity Camp Planning Forum and Building Weekend due to take place on the 4th to 7th of August.

On Saturday 5th of August we kick off at 11 a.m. with the opening circle which will be an introduction to what is going on over the weekend.

On Saturday there will be building work in the morning and a planning forum on making Rossport Solidarity Camp stronger in the evening. This discussion will be practically orientated and will look at how we all can make the camp stronger in terms of publicity, funds, logistics, etc?

On Sunday 6th the day begins with a forum on how we all can raise awareness of the privatisation of natural resources, and after that an open forum for anyone to raise any topic related to the camp and the campaign. In the evening there will be further building work.

On Sunday night there will be a social event.

On Monday at 12 midday we will have the closing circle where people can give feedback on how the weekend went, and later that day there is further room for construction work.
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Accommodation is bring your own tent and sleeping bag. Details of how to get there are here:

For events like this to work everybody must be ?site crew?, we will need volunteers to: Help out in the kitchen, facilitate meetings, empty the compost toilets, and to take minutes and write up reports on the entire weekend.

For the practical work we need people to bring with them insulation material for the benders, or send it up before hand, insulation material means blankets, old quilts, underlay, carpets. Canvas and truck tarp would also be handy.

Practical work to be undertaken on the August bank holiday weekend in initial preparations for autumn and winter 2006 at Rossport Solidarity Camp, Glengad.

Much of the existing construction has been assembled quickly and using donated material and naturally is very ad hoc.
To prepare the camp for the winter some of the structures need to be altered while others will be dismantled as not being suitable for winter weather.

The work which we hope to undertake over the weekend is essential for the camp and a good opportunity for people to learn.

There is a long list of proposed work to be done before winter and people are welcome to come up anytime to help out with the campaign, picketing and building.

Work to be undertaken includes maintaining the grey water systems, constructing steps to reduce our impacts on the sand dunes, preparing, upgrading and insulating benders for winter, and insulating, lining, and bracing the communal.

Over the weekend we hope to tackle work on the protective steps and work on the benders.
The protective steps consist of constructing steps and a pathway from the main camp area to the toilets and camp entrance to prevent erosion of the machairs (sand dunes).
For this we will use timber we have recently skipped along with the abundance of flat well eroded beach stones in our location.

To prepare the benders for winter in our slightly hostile environment we intend to first remove all existing coverings down to bare hazel.
Then we will insulate the hazel using whatever materials we can accumulate for this purpose (blankets and duvets, carpet, underlay, etc..) these have to be held and lapped so that no gaps occur and no drafts are created.
After this we will cover our benders with second hand ex-army canvas (at the moment they are covered in polythene), before re-roping them.
A new door system will also be installed.Work will also be done to the stoves in each bender, safety improvements in the chimney and installation of hearths. While there are now four communal sleeping spaces some smaller private benders are being planned.

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28 July 2006 - 5:43pm