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Shell to Sea gear up for the Long Walk from Rossport to Dublin

With less than a week to go Shell to Sea is getting ready for the long walk.

Preparations are well underway in Erris for Saturday’s kick off of the long walk from Shell’s compound in Rossport to Dublin City. Campaigners have been tramping the roads in training, stocking up on blister plasters and the Shell to Sea HQ trailer has been bedecked in photos and filled with flyers ready for long march east. Campaigners from Erris Shell to Sea, Rossport Solidarity Camp, Cork, Dublin and Galway Shell to Sea and other supporters of the campaign will participate in the long walk to the capital. The aim of the walk is to give the public at large an opportunity to find out what the Shell to Sea campaign is about free of media spin and directly from those involved and to enable people to ask their own questions about the campaign and to share their own experiences. The walkers will be accompanied by the famous Shell to Sea HQ trailer where information and a friendly chat and cup of tea will be available to all. A series of public meetings will also be held in the towns along the route. Saturday July 29th Rossport BellanaboySunday July 30th Bellanaboy Bangor-Erris BellacorickMonday July 31st Bellacorick Crossmolina BallinaTuesday August 1st Ballina Foxford StraideWednesday August 2nd Straide Ballyvarry Bohola Swinford CharlestownFriday August 4th Charlestown Carracastle Ballaghdereen FrenchparkSaturday August 5th Frenchpark Bellanagare Tulsk StrokestownSunday August 6th Strokestown Termonbarry LongfordMonday August 7th Longford Edgeworthstown Rathowen Ballinalack Bunbrosna Ballinafid MullingarWednesday August 9th Mullingar Kinnegad Clonard Thursday August 10th Clonard Moyvalley Enfield KilcockFriday August 11th Kilcock Maynooth Leixlip Lucan Liffey ValleySaturday August 12th Liffey-Valley Dublin (City Centre)
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Walk timetable by JM Thu Jul 27, 2006 23:47 Rossport
Here's an update of the estimated starting and finishing times for each stage... but be warned, these are all in IRISH TIME, so things may vary according to the weather, day of the week, state of blisters, New York stock exchange figures, phase of the moon, the look of the sea, number of magpies etc. etc. etc.......All stages due to begin at 0800 and finish at 1700 (5.00pm) approx. except;Rossport - Bellanaboy 1030 - 1330 (1.30 pm)Longford - Mullingar 0630 - 1900 (7.00pm) approx.Liffey Valley - City Centre 0800 - 1400 (2.00pm) approx.
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21 August 2006 - 1:10am