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Sea of Words: A tribute to 'The Rossport Five'

Local artist pays tribute to ‘The Rossport Five’ in 'Sea of Words'
A graduate of the B.A. in Art and Design at GMIT, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Pauline Garavan explains how she got the inspiration for the pieces on exhibition at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
'I set out to make an image of the sea and to pay tribute to Willie Corduff, Michaél Ó Seighin, Vincent McGrath, Brendan Philbin and Philip McGrath.'

'Sea of Words' by Pauline Garavan

Pauline goes on to explain how she made the 'Tribute to the Rossport Five in a Sea of Words' by cutting out words taken primarily from The Western People newspaper, and gluing them on to a gesso board.

'The words I used were taken from relevant articles in all the publications from the week before the men went to jail to the week following their release. To date there are over 3,000 words. This work constitutes a visual record of the events of summer 2005.'

A second piece by Pauline called Sea of Words II is made up of 64 panels of grey card joined together by wire. The sea image is made up of hand-written words in graphite. The words are those used in the Tribute piece. They have been written over and over ultimately creating the lights and shades that make up the image of the sea.

'Sea of Words II'

The artist, Pauline Garavan, with some of 'The Rossport Five ' and their wives
The Exhibition which includes ‘The tribute to the Rossport Five in a Sea of Words' is showing at the Linenhall Art Centre, Castlebar until Saturday 29th July 2006.

Posted Date: 
23 July 2006 - 3:21pm