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Shell To Sea aircorps takes to the skies in new campaign vessel

Aerial survey of Rossport and Bellanaboy

Shell To Sea have taken to the skies over Rossport to get a better view of Shell's destruction of the area. Our new air corps will be making routine reconnaissance missions over the area to ensure our oily invaders don't have the upper hand on espionage and information gathering. Specially trained pilots will ensure the people of Erris have regular air reports, which will be used as part of a new integrated strategic defence initiative in partnership with our naval vessels.
Our new mobile command features a state of the art communications centre that will process all informations and ensure the world knows about this doomend Shell/Statoil/Marathon/Government project.Stay tuned for further reports: Captain H.S Thompson, Shell to Sea
"Rossport 1" arrives in the village
The Shell To Sea air corp have begun surveying Shell's construction sites in the Rossport/Bellanaboy area to help monitor the multi million Euro fiasco.From the skies above Sruth Fada Conn it is clear to see how the oil giants believed they were in the clear. To anyone blind to the striking natural beauty of the place, all you would see is a barren landscape ready for the taking, with insignificant specks of buildings scattered thinly on the ground.What Shell/Statoil/Marathon didn't realise is those buildings contain determined induviduals, who collectively have turned into a community force to be reckoned with, capable of derailing a billion Euro destruction project and silencing one of the most arrogant governments known on this island. If only the "opposition" had the same kind of courage...The continuing surface water problem at the Bellanaboy hole in the bog has clearly not been solved. Several months of unhindered water treatment has still resulted in a waterlogged site, even in the middle of a super dry spell in the middle of the summer. When are Shell County Council going to pull their finger out and take charge of our environment?To be continued...
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The local executives get ready for inspection
Up up and away
Bord Gais pipeline under construction (paid for by Shell)
Bellanaboy site still waterlogged

Bellanaboy from the air

Axonics treatment system sitting idle
Gate number 1 at Bellanaboy
Shell To Sea HQ monitoring events
Sruth Fada Conn
Dooncarton Hill, Sruth Fada Conn and Broadhaven Bay

Rossport Solidarity Camp nestled in at the proposed landfall in Glengad
The Shell works compound in Rossport (complete with illegal septic tank) exempted from planning along with the pipeline itself
Pilot and co-pilot take a well earned rest
"Rossport 1" leaves after the day's inspection

Posted Date: 
21 July 2006 - 11:59am