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1st Anniversary of Jailing of Rossport Five

1st Anniversary of the jailing of the Rossport Five
29th June 2006
1 year after the jailing of the Rossport Five, opposition to the Corrib gas project remains as strong as ever. The day was marked by a series of events including:
a letter of protest handed into Mayo County Council

a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of Michael Davitt, in the village of Straide.

Despite the rain, people gathered to pay their respects.

Dr Mark Garavan gave an inspiring grave side oration

'We are gathered today at the grave of Michael Davitt not because we want to make any claim of ownership over him but because we recognise in him an inspiration for our campaign. Davitt stood up against powerful forces for a cause that he considered just. He did so using peaceful means, moral force and acting with respect and dignity for friend and foe alike. History tends to simplify the price that is paid by those who stand for justice. From our perspective today, Davitt is acknowledged a hero by everyone. But in his time he was a figure of division and conflict. So it is with us today. We cannot know how history will judge our campaign but we too, among those with power and position, are a cause of division and conflict. Real courage and real committment to justice is seen in those who stand up at the time though it not be popular or welcome. Today, we renew our determination to resist the Shell project in Mayo. The project effectively ended when Shell imprisoned five local men. No work has been done since and no work can by done without the consent of the local communities effected. That they went to prison and that many more were prepared to go to prison underlines the determination that this campaign will succeed.'

Vincent delivered a speech in Irish.

The wreath was hand made by local people using natural materials.

Brendan, Vincent, Caitlín (representing Micheál who had a prior arrangement in Scotland), Willie and Philip layed the wreath. After which prayers were said.

Followed by a motorcade around Glengad, Rossport and Bellinaboy.

More supporters from Bangor and the surrounding areas joined the motorcade as it passed by starting at Bellacorick and ending in Bellinaboy.

And finally a BBQ and céilidh at Bellinaboy http: NewsAtOneRTE290606.smi??>- RTE TV News at One - 1st Anniversary of jailing of the Rossport Five http: NewsAt6RTE290606.smi??>- RTE TV News at Six - 1st Anniversary of jailing of the Rossport Five

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29 June 2006 - 11:05pm