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Opinion poll favours the re-routing of pipeline

THE Shell to Sea campaign claims it has been vindicated by the findings of the first major national opinion poll on the Corrib gas onshore pipeline.
The Irish Times commissioned an mrbi opinion poll which has revealed that 44 per cent of national opinion believes that the on shore Corrib gas pipeline should go ahead but on a different route. 20 per cent of those polled were of the opinion that the onshore pipeline should go ahead on its current planned route while 17 per cent believed the onshore pipeline should be scrapped altogether. The response from the remaining 19 per cent was they did not know.
The findings of the opinion poll were published in The Irish Times yesterday (Monday). It was conducted the previous Monday and Tuesday among a national quota sample of 1000 voters at 100 different sampling points throughout all contituencies in the State.
The poll briefly outlined the proposals to build a pipeline through Mayo in order to bring the Corrib gas ashore and the fact that local residents groups say it is unsafe. It notes that some residents want the onshore pipeline rerouted while others want it scrapped.

Posted Date: 
24 May 2006 - 10:10am