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Gas pipeline activists to stage parade protest

Activists opposed to the Corrib gas field project are to protest during celebrations of Norwegian Independence Day in Dublin today.The Shell to Sea group said it wanted to highlight the fact that the Norwegian government is a majority shareholder in Statoil, which itself has a 36.5% stake in the Corrib gas field project.“Because of the Irish State’s give-away licensing system, the people of Ireland will get nothing, and will have to buy back their own natural resource at market rates,” said spokesman John Monaghan.Shell to Sea is planning to carry a section of pipeline behind the Norwegian Independence Day parade, which will travel from Grafton Street to St Stephen’s Green at around noon.

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Mr Monaghan said the the Corrib gasfield deal should be re-negotiated for the benefit of the Irish people.“We admire the way that the Norwegians have managed their own natural resources. However we’re not very happy that they are allowed to take ours too, without giving us anything in return,” he said.Communications, Marine and Natural Resources Minister Noel Dempsey has given permission to the Shell-led consortium to go ahead with the construction of the Corrib gas project, after the completion of several safety reviews.

Posted Date: 
15 May 2006 - 12:28am