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Shell To sea Press Statement

Shell to Sea notes today the publication of the final Advantica Report and other documents by Minister Noel Dempsey. The recommendations announced are irrelevant to the resolution of the dispute in North Mayo. Following this Report we are still left with a production pipeline traversing a village and within 70 metres of some homes. Nothing has changed.The Report amounts to a post-hoc justification of a flawed project despite many of the findings which confirm either the absence or the failure of the regulatory regime governing the Corrib Gas project to date. There is now a failure of courage by the Minister to follow the logic of these flaws and order a comprehensive re-configuration of the project.The process which produced the Advantica Report was defective resulting in a pre-determined outcome that the pipeline was ‘fit for use’. For example, Advantica could not enquire into the development concept used by Shell; could not enquire into development alternatives; could not make comparative safety findings; and did not comprehensively model the consequences of failure of the production pipeline. The Advantica Report must be read together with other, more comprehensive studies such as those conducted by Accufacts, Leo Corcoran, Professor Werner Blau and Dr. Dave Aldridge. The cumulative impact of these Reports is to find that Shell’s proposed pipeline is entirely inappropriate.The resolution to the conflict lies in agreement between Shell, their government partners and the local community affected by their project. To date, Shell has made no single alteration to their project on foot of local concerns. Today, the Minister has once again sided with Shell against the vulnerable communities of North Mayo.For verification and comment contact Dr. Mark Garavan 087-9023687

Posted Date: 
3 May 2006 - 3:13pm