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Shell scheme poisoning Mayo drinking water

Activists set to distribute contaminated drinking water to civil servants
The appalling story of Shell's contamination of the drinking water in Mayo was confined to those who read indymedia, and some local papers in the west of Ireland. Shell to Sea came up with a plan to give out glasses of tap water from Erris to the civil servants at the Dept of Local Government (today 1-2PM at the Customs House, Dublin) and now the story is being covered by virtually every media outlet in the country*. It just goes to show what a press release, a fold-out table and a white suit can do. Put "Shell to Sea" in the search on Google news to see the full effect. *except RTÉ of course.
Shell are contaminating the drinking water in Mayo - 8:25:18 AMCorrib gas project ‘has polluted Mayo drinking water’ Opponents of the Corrib gas pipeline are claiming that drinking water from Carrowmore Lake in Co Mayo has been heavily contaminated as a result of the project.The Shell to Sea campaign says the water has been polluted with aluminium as a result of the removal of peat from the site of the onshore gas terminal being built by Shell in Ballinaboy.The group is due to present a sample of the water to the Environmental Protection Agency today in an effort to get the agency to investigate the concerns.
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28 April 2006 - 11:12am