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Shell’s Scottish subcontractors step up security over Corrib

An article in yesterday's Glasgow Herald reported Shell’s Scottish subcontractors to have stepped up security at their offices in Aberdeen and the highlands “amid fears of direct action protesters”.
Shell’s Scottish subcontractors working on the Corrib gas project have reportedly stepped up security at their offices in Aberdeen and the highlands “amid fears of direct action protesters”. Shell’s fears are in response to an article published on the Earth First! website by folk from England who visited the Rossport Solidarity Camp last March. The article consisted of a campaign update and a list of UK addresses for two companies involved in the Corrib project. The two companies are Technip and Transocean. Technip are responsible for “Wellhead Protection Structure Installation” and due to start work on the 20th of April. Transocean are contracted to do work on the wellhead. The article finished by welcoming protests at these companies.According to an article published in Tuesday’s Glasgow herald entitled “jailed for oil protests in Ireland…now they’re coming here,” Scottish contractors working for shell “are considered at risk” having been identified by campaigners. It further reports thatShell “are taking threats of action seriously and has alerted all its contractors.” And that “heightened security measures have been implemented [by these companies], particularly with the mobilization of Techip’s Corrib contract due to begin this month.” The Glasgow herald article was accompanied by a map showing the location of “sites at risk.” Rossport Solidarity Camp media team were contacted by an Inverness Radio station yesterday for a comment on the reported threats to the Scottish based companies. Earth First! article; Herald Article;
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I heard the radio report by CH - IMC Scotland (pers. cap.) Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:48
The report was broadcast yesterday (Tuesday) on Radio Scotland's ''Newsdrive'' programme at about 5:30 if i remember rightly. It was a bit shit, lots of ''a spokesman denied any connection with the threats'' type stuff and minimal background to the Rossport 5's imprisonment (e.g. describing them just as ''protesters'').The report also featured on a village in the Highlands where apparently there has been a Shell gas plant for years. (Wasn't clear how comparable the two are, in terms of processing / distances etc.) I'm wracking my brains trying to remember the name of the place (began with F) but the weight given to it in the report suggested to me the influence of Shell's PR people.If you're quick, the report is on the BBC's ''Listen again'' spot as I write: I can't be more helpful.Could you repost the link to the Herald story, please? I missed it and their website is crap for finding news from the day before.

OK So it's not so hard to find by CH - IMC Scotland (pers. cap.) Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:58
Here's the URL for the Herald story: to whip up worry by linking back to last year's G8 protests, referring to the ''so-called'' Rossport 5 who ''achieved'' martyr status (like they sought to be jailed). And the campaign is based only on ''belief'' that it's unsafe, not facts.Yuck. The Herald's reporting is generally mince but this has the stamp of a Shell spin as well, like I said.Good of them to publish a map of the contractors' sites, though :)
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Listen at 1H 35 on by supp Wed Apr 19, 2006 14:51

Typical media shite by Bob - Rossport Solidarity Camp (media spokesperson) Wed Apr 19, 2006 15:15
Thanks for that CH. I was the one who apparently ''denied any link to the threats''...what I said when asked what kind of action would be taken in Scotland was that I couldn't possibly speak for everyone who might choose to act in solidarity with this campaign. When the interviewer referred to calls for action as ''threats'' I pointed out that the prospect of having the lives and livelihoods of a community endagered by a project like Corrib constituted a far more serious threat than an attempt to put pressure on a few complict comanies. As a matter of interest, did they use any what they recorded of me speaking or was it more convenient for them to put words in my mouth?Just to clarify, the camp IS calling for action against any subcontractors involved in the Corrib project. If that radio piece gave anyone the impression that we were trying to distance ourselves from actions against subcontractors, that isn't the case. I don't know who put that article up on the EF! site but I don't think it said anything we'd disagree with.Thanks again to everyone in the UK who has been over,organised meetings for camp speakers,participated in solidarity actions or donated to the camp. Your support is invaluable.
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The REAL threat to Shell by maura harrington - shell to sea Wed Apr 19, 2006 22:31
For the information of new readers of this post, those of us involved in this campaign for the past 5/6 years sometimes refer to ourselves as the Bogoni. This name was adopted following the Ken Saro-Wiwa Memorial Seminar held in the area in 2001. We live in an area of blanket bog and, in empathy with the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta (with their accredited representative's prior approval), we chose to refer to ourselves as the Bogoni.It is vaguely interesting to note that Shell are now attempting such a pathetic spin as 'taking threats to their contractors seriously'. If that's the best their whizz kid PR lot can come up with then they certainly ain't worth their salt. A possible explanation for such a second-rate wheeze may be accounted for by the fact that their current spinmeister, John Egan - who worked as a reporter with the BBC in Nigeria at the time of Saro-Wiwa's Shell/Judicial hanging - may think longingly of such hanging fields and, dare I express my subjective opinion, perhaps wish that such opportunities existed here in Ireland. After all, Mr Egan's late father was land agent for the unlamented Lord Lucan in County Mayo so there is a certain genetic basis for such colonial inclinations.The real threat to Shell and their government partners coming out of Rossport and North Mayo is that of a committed, informed, competent, determined community who have NO intention of ever allowing a hitherto cozy State/Corporate nexus to treat us as people who don't matter or who don't count for very much. The current and continuing threat to Shell here is that of our time versus their money ... and we have all the time in the world.

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28 April 2006 - 11:08am