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Strategic Infrastructure Bill*

Dear fellow SIBs,The next meeting of the group to decide on a strategy to deal with the bill, will be held on Saturday, 1^st April in An Taisce, Tailors Hall, Back Lane, Dublin 8. I suggest a 11:30 start to facilitate people arriving by train and a 3:30 finish to allow people returning by train.I am preparing a draft strategy which will be presented on the day. I would suggest that we try to agree on the aims of such a campaign, the resources and a time-line. We should try to identify the types of projects that will be affected by the bill and also the groups around the country that might have an interest but are nor part of the email distribution.In order to facilitate the preparation of a draft strategy, I would appreciate you input by email in advance of the meeting on the 1^st of April. A cut-off point for receipt of emails should be Tuesday 28^th March.Yours sincerely,Frank CorcoranChair – An Taisce – The National Trust for

Posted Date: 
17 March 2006 - 10:41pm