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Cork statoil garage protest

tonight there was a small but very effective blockade of a statoil garage on the way out of cork .at five oclock the start of rush hour , also alot of horns ,smiles and raised fist ,from motorists all showing there support.we are encouraging a boycott of statoil as the are partners with shell in the gas mayo pipeline,that should never be built.
buisness not as normal
i am sending this article mainly to the pictures the protest efectively stopped buisness was almost completetly in saying that , some motoerists may have used the petrol station before the one we were picketing?,though many slowed down as if they had been intent on using the garage.there were around 15 people , the banners were great , thats what worked in my opinion, well done all the banner makers.the gards came , someone had apparently complained, they werent nasty just told us not to block the road. and off they went .any way all the best for the coming year of stuggle against the giant oil companys.
banners work
statoil 17th feb

well done

by EC - RSC Fri Feb 17, 2006 23:06
well done lads, the banners are class.

Great work! by JM Sat Feb 18, 2006 20:01 Rossport, Ballina, County Mayo
It's fantastic to see the work done by ordinary people all over the country, we would be lost without ye all!Keep up the fight, we are all in this together, and even the Gardai seem to be seeing the light.

good on ye by maura harrington Sun Feb 19, 2006 15:31
thanks a million to everyone involved - john (the real john, not the gobshite on the cheap ryanair flight to london!) is right, together we'll do it

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19 February 2006 - 10:09pm