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Critical Mass in Nottingham Blockades Shell Petrol Station.

This morning a critical mass ride in Notingham, England, rode through the city and blockaded Shell petrol stations in solidarity with the stuggles against shell around the world.
Mobile sound system
The oil giant shell continues to ride rough shod over local communities from Nigeria to Co Mayo in Ireland. It sponsors human rights abuses, funds testing on animals at research labs' like HLS and destroys the environment. Soon work on the pipeline being built in Co Mayo Ireland will start again. It will poison the local area, endanger residents and further add to climate chaos. In solidarity with the struggles against Shell around the world, a critical mass of over 30 bikes and a mobile sound system rode through Nottingham today, highlighting the evils of Shell to motorists and passers by.Hundreds of leaflets were handed out outside of the Shell petrol station forecourt on Woodsde road and the A52. The entrances and exits were blocked for over an hour. Drivers were deterred from using the station. The Police turned up but had little choice but to let the blockade continue, they ended up parking their police cars accross the entrances to the forecourt after motorists had tried to force their way through the barricade of cyclists in desperation to refuel their vehicles and buy their newspapers. The campaign continues and urges people to Act Now and help local people stop this Shell Hell !
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cars turned away frome the forecourt

Yet another successful protest. Keep it up and keep the peace!

Posted Date: 
19 February 2006 - 10:06pm