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Press release: Shell to Sea call on the Minister for Marine and Natural Resources to Act.

The Shell to Sea campaign has today called on the Minister for Marine and Natural Resources to set aside the Corrib Gas Plan of Development and insist that Shell bring forward new proposals to develop the Corrib project. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = 'urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office' />
The Advantica Report now before the Minister has found that the pipeline proposals made by Shell require significant amendment. The Minister has a clear choice. He may continue patching up the project in a desperate effort to make it acceptable or he can exercise courage and good authority by insisting on a new development grounded on safety. The Minister has previously stated that findings to do with safety permit him to set aside the Plan of Development. The time has now come.
No hiding behind technicalities or various reviews will absolve the Minister of his personal responsibility. It is his decision.
As Advantica also found, the Minister is acting outside a pre-determined, statutory risk assessment framework. It is clear that considerable work must be done to re-establish public confidence in the Corrib project. Given that Shell is wedded to their present flawed proposal the responsibility to effect real change lies with the Minister.
Shell to Sea also express grave concern over the process of adjudicating on the Advantica Report. While the Petroleum Affairs Division have already been found wanting in their role in the Corrib Gas project, the Minister now relies on his Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to bring forward recommendations based on the Advantica Report. But what competence has the TAG in this regard? Are any members of TAG pipeline experts? Has any member of TAG the competence to fully understand and evaluate the Shell pipeline proposal? Our assessment of its three members suggests that the answer to these questions is no. The decision to be made is one that will effect the lives of the people of North Mayo.

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Posted Date: 
31 January 2006 - 12:29am