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Shell shareholders asked to support responsibility resolution

Churchgoers who hold shares in oil giant Royal Dutch Shell are being asked to support a move to make the company more accountable.
The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR), a Christian Aid partner that works to promote shareholder activism in the UK churches, is planning to bring a resolution calling for greater responsibility to the company’s 2006 Annual General Meeting.
ECCR believes that Shell’s impact on some of its ‘frontline’ communities – those living close to its operations – ‘merits urgent attention.’
ECCR is concerned about local communities and the environment close to Shell facilities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, County Mayo in Ireland and on Sakhalin Island off the coast of Russia.
The resolution calls for ‘a major improvement in Shell’s performance in terms of community and stakeholder consultation, risk analysis, and social and environmental impact analysis.’
In 2004, Christian Aid criticised the UK and Netherlands-based oil multinational for failing to prevent and clean up oil spills and for dividing communities around its Niger Delta operations. In Behind the mask Christian Aid called on Shell to set up arms-length funding of community development projects and for a more prompt response to environmental problems.
Only 100 Shell shareholders are needed to co-sign the resolution before the end of February.
Further details and the resolution wording and supporting statement are available at or from Miles Litvinoff ( 020 8965 9682) or from ECCR, PO Box 500, Oxford OX1 1ZL.

Posted Date: 
19 January 2006 - 10:54pm