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Phew! What a year.....

Phew! What a year it's been!!!!! The Shell to Sea campaign has grown to be a formidable force in Irish life. It has captured the imagination and spirits of people the length and breath of Ireland and across the world. There have been pickets, protests, blockades, occupations, parties, hooleys, walkouts, jailings, marches, tears and smiles. People have been pulled apart only to be brought back together, stronger and more resolved in their pursuit of justice. The resistance and courage of a small rural community in Co. Mayo has inspired communities to stand up for their rights and be counted in a world where big business and corrupt governments cosy up together. The word is out: people power is well and truly back in action!Well done to everyone who helped and supported in whatever way. We look forward to your continuing support as Shell, Statoil, Marathon and their supporters in government continue to pursue an unworkable illusion.Beir bua agus beannachtSHELL TO SEA!

Posted Date: 
16 December 2005 - 3:59pm