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For sale at a cheap price

SIR – PEGG (The Pro-Erris Gas Group) use a name which implies that others are anti-gas. PEGG are not the only ones in Erris in favour of the gas, but they certainly appear to be the only ones happy for the gas to be brought through the area dangerously.Shell illegally welded a section of pipeline together last July, and were quite rightly told to dismantle it. PEGG proposed that the law be ignored and the dismantling of the pipeline be postponed until the current safety review is complete. (The safety review farce was of course boycotted by the Rossport 5 because it refused to even consider an off-shore terminal.) PEGG’s further suggestion was that if the review body endorsed the present pipe design then the money which ‘would have been wasted on dismantling the pipeline’ be spent in Kilcommon Parish. A figure of a quarter of a million euro was suggested.How delighted Shell (who are worth almost E200 billion) must be that some locals are for sale at such a cheap price!PEGG went on to publish a list of organisations and companies which they claimed, supported its proposal.It has now come to light that this was totally misleading and misrepresentative of very many of the organisations listed, and it has in fact enraged many local groups that they were listed as supporters, when in fact their inclusion on the list was without their knowledge. (‘Gauging the mood’ of an organisation by contacting one or two of their officers,to quote a spokesperson for PEGG, is not sufficient). Thankfully Minister Dempsey decided that his original direction to Shell to dismantle the pipe should stand, in spite of PEGG’s best efforts to create the impression of huge division, on the issue, in the area.The Western People has stated that it has received numerous telephone calls, letters and e-mails from representatives and members of the 41 organisations on the list, disassociating themselves from the PEGG initiative. Perhaps we could find out (truthfully) through the pages of The Western People, what support, if any, there is for the PEGG initiative.
Perhaps we could also find out when and where PEGG started to have meetings again (since the group had become defunct). We know for a fact that there were five men jailed because of their fears about the proposed pipeline and that they received huge support in Erris and beyond. We are not sure how many people (or person?) are behind PEGG.Your sincerelyEileen Nolan, Knockmore, Ballina.

Posted Date: 
28 November 2005 - 2:06pm