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WARM CLOTHING: Fleeces, thermal wear, rain gear, waterproofs, Wellington boots, army boots, thermal socks, scarves, hats, boots, lifejackets, wetsuits.BEDDING: Sleeping bags, hot-water bottles, blankets, sleeping mats, emergency blankets, folding beds, sheepskins, air-beds.CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: bender poles i.e. Hazel rods, long and straight preferably, tarpaulins, polythene, tents (Icelandic etc), poly-prop, rope, fine mesh chicken wire, pallets, plywood, timber, nails and screws, army tents, canvas, wood burning stoves, chimney pipes, wood, carpet, straw bales, furniture, turf, underlay, lino, sheepskins.EQUIPMENT: gas lamps, storm lamps, night vision goggles, binoculars, camcorders, digital cameras, walkie-talkies, computers, laptops, printers, scanners, cb radios, a4 paper, pens, printer ink cartridge, all type batteries, nokia chargers, leisure batteries, pocket knives.PERMACULTURE: wind turbines, deep cycle batteries, leisure batteries, solar panels, copper piping, black paint, barrels, plumbing equipment, t+elbow etc., piping- hose, wavin, metal pipe, concrete, gravel, sand, chains, carabineers, gallon containers, toilet seats, commodes, saw dust, building wood, firewood.COOKING: gas rings, large pots, cups, enamel bowls, tin openers, sharp knives, gas bottles, field kitchen, food veggie + vegan, fruit +veg., non-perishables, herbs + spices, olive oil, coffee, 'Ecover' biodegradable washing products, ice boxes, cold packs, heshian, general cooking equip., storage boxes, filing cabinets, plastic table cloths, buckets, sponges, flasks, storm kettles, urns.TOOLS: bow-saws, handsaws, chainsaw, diesel generator, hammers, nails, bio-diesel converter kit, screws, drills, crowbars, picks, wire-cutters, bolt cutters, telegraph poles, scaffold poles, angle grinder +discs, welder, vice, workbench, sawdust.
GARDENING TOOLS, Spades, shovels and hoes etc, strong polytunnel equipment (very windy), gardening tools, railway sleepers, compost, manure, mulch, seeds, cuttings or saplings of fruit, veg and trees.
VEHICLES: spare tyres, old tyres, fuses, trailers, caravan, transit van, old vehicles, bicycles, d-locks, and anything else that you can recommend.MISC: loud hailers, candles, phone credit, people, rinky-dink system or means of constructing one, doors, windows, geo-domes, tepees, radios, climbing gear eg: rock climbing harnesses, good climbing rope, figure of 8s, carabiners, prosaic rope, bungee cord + slings, banner making material, barrels, storage containers, (relevant) books +magazines, buckets, basins, sinks, soap, rubber gloves, fire extinguishers, lifebuoy, headlamps, toilet paper, towels, firewood.MEDICAL: herbal remedies, tinctures +creams, plasters, bandages, first aid kits +books.SKILLS: legal +media advice, plumbers, builders, carpenters, people with transport, medically trained people/herbalists.
TRANSPORT Offers of help to collect and/or transport any of this wish list to Rossport.
If you can help with any of these things please email : or phone one of the regional co-ordinators nearest to you, who are :
- East / Finbar Dwyer : 086 1943867
- West / Niall Harnett : 086 8444966
- Mayo and the North West / Rossport Solidarity House : 097 20944 | Aron 087 2895036

Posted Date: 
28 November 2005 - 1:49pm