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PRESS: Shell to Sea press release 28.11.05

1. Shell to Sea welcomes the report of The Centre for Public Enquiry published last Tuesday. The findings of the Report, particularly those of Acufacts, are deeply disturbing and shocking. The Report finds the pipeline proposed for Rossport requires a safety distance of at least 200 metres. That this proposed pipeline runs within 70 metres of people's homes shows that Shell and their government partners have been gambling with people's lives in Rossport. We are particularly horrified that the Taoiseach, Mr. Ahern, with two of his Ministers, gave Shell an undertaking in September 2003 that a planning application by them would be fast-tracked though the planning process. The planning process is meant to be independent of government. Our determination to stop this pipeline is stronger than ever. It is time for truth and decency to prevail. We call on Shell and their government partners to immediately abandon this pipeline proposal and reconfigure the Corrib gas project so as to prioritise safety.
2. Shell to Sea note that Shell continue to claim that they require access to the Bellanaboy site in order to complete environmental works. We re-state our assertion that Shell has effectively lost control of the environmental conditions on this site. We repeat that we will always facilitate genuine environmental works. To this end Shell to Sea will co-operate with Shell on site access issues upon written clarification of the following:-
How many personnel are required to commission and monitor the axonics systems? How long will it take to commission the above?How frequently will monitoring of the above system be required, and for How long will this monitoring have to continue?Please detail exact arrangements for observers accessing the site.How many Shell personnel are required to facilitate the above?
3. Finally, Shell to Sea calls on Shell to immediately begin dismantling their illegal compound in Rossport. With no work possible on a pipeline through Rossport, this compound is now entirely unnecessary.For comment or verification, please contact Mark Garavan 087-9023687

Posted Date: 
28 November 2005 - 1:23pm