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Solidarity Camp is currently recruiting and preparing for

Hello friends,

The Rossport Solidarity Camp is currently recruiting and preparing for 2006.

Since June 2005, as well as providing a home, a venue and an info point for people who want to visit or stay in Rossport, the main function of the camp is to help with the physical blockading of work along the proposed pipeline route, including a blockading picket at the Shell compound in Rossport. The camp functions as an integral part of the Shell to Sea campaign at the invitation of the Rossport 5 and their community.

We anticipate an escalation in the battle against Shell and the Irish Government when the new 'construction' season starts again in early Spring. This is a fight we intend to win, employing the use of Non-Violent Direct Action tactics only.

Our aim is to re-establish a bigger and stronger protest camp for next Spring and we have outlined a 'wish list' of equipment that will help us to do that. If you can offer any of the things on the wish list, could you please contact us and we will arrange for it to be collected. We hope to arrange a number of dates for collections around the country in the near future, when we'll move with a truck or lorry from place to place and then on to Rossport. If you can offer the use of a truck or lorry, which we do need, please let us know.

We also ask you to print this list (word doc attached) for your home and office noticeboards and circulate this email among your friends, networks and organisations please.

Thank you,

Niall Harnett
Rossport Solidarity Camp

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am