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Rossport debacle is endemic of failed planning system

Letter of the Week: Rossport debacle is endemic of failed planning system SIR – The Rossport Five debacle with Shell petro-chemicals has become one of the biggest messes we've seen in our public life. The incarceration of people was the worst possible thing that could have happened, and represents a major breakdown in government at local and national level. The protesters are not without justification given the absence of permission to construct a pipeline. Shell management are understandably upset, given the construction delay costs that will ultimately run into billions by the time it's all over. It also appears that management at Shell have a few questions they want answered themselves about the handling of the planning into the project. It's no surprise why Shell have encountered difficulties with the planning, given the fact that our planning system is in a dreadful condition and lacks any consistency. Let's face it: we have ridiculed the planning system in this country for a very long time, with little change taking place. The lesson to be learned for the Rossport incident is - Get our planning system in order, taking people into account, otherwise we will scare off major future investment to the detriment of all! Maurice Fitzgerald,Shanbally, Ringaskiddy,County Cork.

Posted Date: 
14 November 2005 - 9:14am