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Press release: Shell's shenanigans continue..

Pipeline CuttingWe note that Shell completed the de-welding of its pipeline last Saturday. This was essential in order to ensure the integrity of the regulatory regime governing the Corrib Gas project. We once again condemn the efforts by a small, unrepresentative group to relieve Shell of its responsibilities in this regard.
Environmental IssuesDespite a recent Statement from Mayo County Council, we continue to have grave concerns regarding the environmental integrity of the Ballanaboy site. For example, local people continue to observe serious water discolouration from surface drains. Up to three weeks ago, Shell and the County Council were warning of a critical environmental risk from the Ballanaboy site. In contrast, they now claim that the site is in complete order and posing no risks. Yet, we note that water treatment units which Shell and the Council had claimed were essential are not yet operational. Local concerns are therefore more acute now than before. Shell to Sea will be conveying its concerns directly to the Minister for Marine and Natural Resources and demanding that a pro-active, rigorous monitoring regime be put in place immediately.Site Access IssuesFollowing numerous calls by Shell to Sea to Shell to complete environmental works on the Ballanaboy site, a programme of works was commenced by Shell in the last three weeks. In order to build confidence and facilitate the smooth operation of this programme Shell to Sea and Shell agreed a modus operandi involving daily communication and site visits by Shell to Sea observers. This agreement was operating effectively. However, last week Shell unilaterally breached this agreement by refusing site access to Shell to Sea observers and then instituting a new set of pre-conditions for these visits. The consequence is that the agreement has now broken down.We condemn this action and demand the restoration of the agreed procedure. This breach of an agreement creates a very difficult situation in the lead up to possible mediation talks. This is compounded by the failure of Shell to complete its work programme by the coming week though this had been our agreed understanding.In order that any possible progress can be made on these issues, Shell must act as a responsible agent. That implies honouring agreements and showing respect for the local community. It is essential that Shell recognises these principles and immediately restores the agreed procedure.Rossport 'exempted development'Finally, Shell to Sea note with incredulity the decision of Mayo County Council that Shell's Rossport Compound is an 'exempted development'. We firmly reject this decision. We will be taking advice on this matter and considering appropriate action in responseENDFor comment or verification call DR Mark Garavan Spokesperson Shell to Sea on + 353 87 9023687 -

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am