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November 10th

On November 10th, 2005, stand with the Ogoni people in remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa. Gather with friends, and organize a peaceful vigil at your nearest Shell station, Nigerian embassy, or anywhere you feel it appropriate to pause and remember Saro-Wiwa.

Ten years ago, on November 10th, 1995, internationally renowned author and human rights and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other men were hanged in Nigeria. Arrested and held for months without charges, tortured while under detention, and sentenced to death by a “Special Military Tribunal” convened in violation of international law, these people were executed for their peaceful efforts to defend the indigenous Ogoni people of Nigeria from abuses caused by oil extraction activities of Shell Nigeria.
Ten years later, despite facts that tie Shell to the executions and to the continuing abuse of the Ogoni people, Shell still denies culpability. Shell is still drilling for oil in Nigeria, and more of it goes to the United States than anywhere else.
If you want, we'll help you with everything you need to plan your event, including email invitations, an action kit with temporary tattoos to distribute and wear on November 10th, and ideas for how to plan a vigil at your nearest Shell station, Nigerian embassy, or even at home.
The Ogoni are not forgotten. As thousands of people around the world pause on November 10 to recall their sacrifice, we all redouble our efforts to aid those Ogoni still at home, and all oil affected communities. The justice that Saro-Wiwa sought is still elusive, but his vision is now shared by millions. They can't hang us all.
In Remembrance: Baribor Bera, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbokoo, Barinem Kiobel, John Kpuinen, Paul Levura, Felix Nuate and Ken Saro-Wiwa. In Solidarity: Activists in prison or under detention and duress in Ogoni, in Nigeria, and around the world.

Posted Date: 
3 November 2005 - 2:20pm