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Shelltosea Mediator Clarification

Misleading Media Report Minister Dempsey's handling of the mediator appointment allowed a very distorted picture of the process to result. There are many questions to be asked as yet in this regard.
Press Release9.00 a.m. 1St November, 2005Shelltosea Core Group Meeting: Monday 31th October, 2005.The meeting considered in detail the Irish Times report Sat. 28th October regarding appointment of mediator and resolved that clarification of its content was needed as a matter of urgency as follows:* While Shelltosea welcomed the Minister’s prompt response to their call on Monday 23rd Oct. for progress on appointment of a mediator, the manner of that response is (most) unacceptable.* Coming within three days (Thurs. 26th Oct.) of their call, it listed five names chosen by the Minister without any prior input by, or consultation with, Shelltosea.* It allowed only 24 hours consideration by Shelltosea before the Minister announced (Fri. 27th Oct.) that a mediator had been selected but that announcement would be deferred for a further 24 hours.* The Minister stated at interview on Mid West Radio on that Friday that the list had been communicated to both sides ten days earlier. This is contrary to the facts.* The appointment of a mediator without publishing the Terms of Reference is entirely unsatisfactory, being as it is devoid of context.* Likewise, failure to provide any guidelines in respect to a modus operandi for agreeing a time-frame and method of proceeding is indicative of a hasty and inconsiderate response to Shelltosea’s call for progress.Further Clarification contact:Mark Garavan 087 9023687and/orEd Moran 087 6499767

Posted Date: 
1 November 2005 - 1:02pm