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Dempsey says work will not be halted

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The Minister for Marine and Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey, has said work on the dismantling of a section of the controversial Corrib Gas pipeline, which was illegally welded together earlier this year, will not be halted.
A team of Irish and Italian engineers began cutting up the section of pipeline, designed to link the offshore gasfield to an onshore refinery, on Tuesday of last week.
A local organisation, the Pro Erris Gas Group, called on the minister to suspend the work pending a new safety review of the pipeline, if Shell Ireland agreed to pay €250,000 to fund community projects in the area.
The move was strongly opposed by the five Rossport men who were jailed for contempt of court because of their opposition to the pipeline. They say it would undermine the integrity of the regulatory process.
This morning Minister Dempsey said that while he accepts the bona fides of those who suggested suspension of the cutting of the pipeline, he had decided his original directive should be adhered to, to preserve the integrity of the regulatory regime.

Posted Date: 
29 October 2005 - 4:55pm