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Pipeline mediator must be appointed immediately

Labour Spokesperson on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources,Deputy Tommy Broughan, has called on Minister Noel Dempsey to urgently appoint a mediator for the Corrib gas pipeline dispute.Deputy Broughan commented, 'The prospect of involving a mediator to help facilitate a resolution of this dispute was muted as far back as June.When the five Rossport citizens were released from Clover Hill prison overthree weeks ago it was understood that an agreed mediator would be appointed.'On the 4th October 2005 Minister Dempsey told the Dail that it shouldonly be a matter of days before a mediator was appointed, yet we are stillwaiting for this to take place. Latest indications from Minister Dempsey are that he is still only in the process of drawing up a list ofpossible candidates for the job.'It is essential that this dispute is not allowed to deteriorate againto such a level that any more Mayo citizens end up spending time in prison.,
The dispute has already been allowed to drag on for far too long and itmust be possible with goodwill on all sides to devise a solutionacceptable to all.'Therefore, for the good of all parties involved, the mediation processmust be instigated immediately and Minister Dempsey must appoint amutually respected mediator as a matter of urgency.'

Posted Date: 
25 October 2005 - 5:15pm