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Press Release: Shell to Sea Oct. 17

The Shell to Sea campaign has conveyed its concerns regarding the environmental condition of Shell's Ballanaboy site to the Ballanaboy Project Monitoring Committee, the North-West Regional Fisheries Board and the EPA. Since July, the Shell to Sea campaign has been calling for rigorous environmental monitoring and maintenance of Shell's work sites in North Mayo. The campaign had made it clear that it was at all times prepared to facilitate these works. In the last week or so Shell has finally agreed to commence environmental works on the site. They have been accompanied by observers from our campaign. These observers have reported that holding ponds appear to have overflown; that the surface drains on-site contain a white substance that may be lime / cement run-off; and that significant quantities of diesel are evident on the site surface. Shell to Sea has conveyed these observations to the Project Monitoring Committee, the NWRFB and the EPA. The campaign calls for immediate on-site inspections of the Ballanaboy site by officials from these bodies. With Carrowmore Lake in close proximity to the site attending to these matters is clearly an issue of urgency. Finally, Shell to Sea notes the comments of Shell last Friday. By insisting even at this stage that they are not willing to consider any change to the detail of their project and will 'not bow to public pressure', Shell are yet again adopting a hardline, fundamentalist position. This does not auger well for their supposed willingness to enter into mediation. They are still refusing to listen to the clear message from the people affected by their proposed project. This project can only proceed on the basis of mutual agreement and consent. _________________________________________________________ For verification contact Mark Garavan 087-9023687

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am