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Ex-US Navy officer at Corrib gas hearing

A retired US Navy officer with expertise in explosives has told a hearing into the safety of the onshore pipeline from the Corrib Gas field that if the pipeline were to rupture, the ensuing explosion would kill anyone within a mile radius.
Dave Aldridge was appearing at the opening session of the public consultation hearing held by the Department of Marine and Natural Resources into the high-pressure pipeline.
About 40 people attended this morning's session in Geesala in North Mayo, which was chaired by Senior Counsel John Gallagher.
The five Co Mayo men who spent 94 days in prison for contempt of a court order granted to Shell E & P Ireland have refused to engage with the public consultation hearing.
However, the hearing heard a statement from Dr Mark Garavan, speaking on behalf of the five men and accompanied by Micheál Ó Seighin, one of the men, outlining the men's reasons for not participating.
The statement said that public consultation was required prior to and not after the decision granting approval for the construction of the pipeline.
Dr Garavan also said that the terms of the safety review being carried out by Atlantica were too narrow.
Mr Ó Seighin declined an invitation by the chairman to comment at the hearing, which is expected to last two days.AUDIO AND VIDEO

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Posted Date: 
13 October 2005 - 3:08pm