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Rossport Solidarity Camp - Praise

This letter appeared in Todays Iirsh Times prasing the peace camp. Nice to be recognised.Madam, - There have been many unsung heroes (and heroines) in the protracted dispute over the proposed gas terminal at Rossport, Co Mayo. I would like to draw attention to one rarely mentioned group, namely the people from all over Ireland and further afield who have staffed the protest camp which is situated right on the route of the proposed high-pressure gas pipeline at Rossport, This camp, which is in the middle of an old turf bog, and which has been occupied round the clock since August even though it is gradually sinking into the aforementioned bog, is due to he dismantled later this week owing to the hardships and difficulties in trying to continue occupying it in the face of Atlantic gales and storms. The protesters intend to return in the spring. In the meantime a presence will be maintained in the area to keep an eye on things and to monitor any breaches of the ''ceasefire'' which may be perpetrated by Shell or the State.Many of the volunteers who have stayed at the camp are young people in their late teens or early twenties and I think it is a great credit to them that they have maintained a dignified presence in this very difficult environment in which all water had to be carried in by hand and from which Mayo County Council refuse collectors refused to collect the waste which the protesters had carefully separated into different categories for recycling.These very dedicated young people have thought long and hard about the sort of world they want for future generations. I think their vision of the future does not include a meaningless quest for ever increasing amounts of material goods but rather a more sharing and caring society in which the world's finite resources are managed carefully and responsibly for the greater good of all, not just the shallow gratification of the privileged few.Fair play to them. I don't have children of my own but if I did I would be very proud if any child of mine saw fit to man the barricades against corporate power and other vested interests. - Yours, etc,ANDY WILSON, Sandyhill, Westport, Co Mayo.

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am