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Shell To Sea Press Release – October 6th, 2005

The Shell to Sea campaign notes Shell’s announcement of the commencement of a programme of environmental works. The campaign repeats its absolute commitment to ensuring environmental protection. In numerous statements over the summer we have called on Shell to ensure the environmental integrity of their work sites.
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Given the difficult and fraught relationship between Shell and the local community in North Mayo, it is incumbent on both sides to build confidence and demonstrate mutual respect. For this reason, we deplore the manner in which Shell have announced their environmental works programme.

  1. Though the detail of this programme was in written form on September 21st (in a letter from Mr. Des Mahon, Mayo County Manager to Mr. Michael Daly, Dept. of Marine) we were not advised of its contents until October 4th.
  2. Shell sought to enter their work sites on October 4th giving Shell to Sea effectively no time to consider its position and respond to Shell’s request.

We appeal to Shell and their contractors to refrain from provoking the local community any further as this is enflaming tensions on the ground at a time when we are working to create the conditions for mediation. For our part, we will agree to work with Shell constructively at all times in order that Shell’s sites in Mayo be safely shut down and their illegal pipeline dismantled.

Shell to Sea consider that co-operation is a far more sensible way to achieve the safe closure of the Shell work sites. Accordingly, we suggest that:

  1. There be daily written information conveyed to Shell to Sea outlining Shell’s specific daily work schedule.
  2. Two observers from Shell to Sea be permitted to accompany Shell operatives on site. These observers would exercise an entirely passive monitoring role.
  3. Shell outline a detailed timeline for their works.
  4. Shell to Sea will fully facilitate all of Shell’s environmental and site closure works.

Shell to Sea repeat that the cutting of the illegally welded pipeline must be prioritised. We are deeply concerned that this ministerial order has not been complied with. We have made clear that we will fully facilitate this work. We are concerned that Shell appear to wish to complete their environmental works programme prior to cutting up the pipeline. We call on the Department of the Marine to insist that this work be commenced immediately.

For verification and comment contact Dr. Mark Garavan 087-9023687

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am