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Dáil to hold debate on imprisonment of Rossport Five

The Dáil is due to hold a special debate today on the case of the so-called Rossport Five.The five Co Mayo men were freed from prison last week after spending more than 90 days behind bars for contempt of court.They had refused to obey a court injunction ordering them not to obstruct work on the Corrib gas pipeline being built on their land.However, they were released after the global oil firm Shell decided to lift the injunction to pave the way for a fresh mediation effort.The five men believe the Corrib pipeline poses an unacceptable risk to the local population and want gas from the Corrib field pumped to an offshore location rather than directly onshore.The opposition had accused the Government of ignoring their plight and of effectively backing the stance adopted by Shell.

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:09am