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Rossport Solidarity Camp gift vouchers available!

Dublin Shell to SeaFor further information call Tadhg on
Shells to Sea Campaigners in Dublin have issued a set of gift vouchers so that supporters can donate towards equipment for the Rossport Solidarity Camp. The vouchers, similar to those issued by charities, include items such as night vision goggles.
The camp was set up in June on land owned by Philip and Maureen McGrath.
Activists from all over Ireland are expected to flock to the camp in the spring, to help local people resist attempts by Shell contractors to force the controversial gas pipeline scheme through the north Mayo Gaeltacht village of Rossport.
Supporters can buy a greeting card which depicts the pipeline for sale on the Internet auction site EBay. Campaigners put the illegally installed section of pipe up for auction when Shell was slow to remove it in the autumn.
The back of the card shows a map of the Erris region. It is expected that many supporters and interested people will visit the area in the New Year to see exactly where Shell intends to install the dangerous experimental pipeline.
Since the government supports the scheme, it is feared that the Gardaí and defence forces will be used to support Shell's contractors in their attempts to force the high-pressure pipeline through the scenic area. The camp will act as a focal point for those who wish to help defend the area against the controversial scheme. Equipment shown on the gift vouchers includes waterproof clothing, a wind turbine, bolt cutters, a digital camcorder, night vision goggles and a 25KG sack of lentils.
The gift cards are available in Connolly Books on the Millennium Bridge Walkway and at the Sinn Féin Bookshop on Parnell Square.
For further information call Tadhg on 0876181620.
Illustrations of the greeting card and the gift vouchers will be posted soon.

Posted Date: 
25 January 2006 - 10:43pm