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Famous protester to join Rossport Five rally

One of the most famous protestors against multinational oil companies will be represented at Saturday’s national rally to free the Rossport Five.The brother of executed Nigerian writer and political activist Ken Saro-Wiwa will join hundreds of supporters at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin.Dr Owens Wiwa will be joined in the demo by garda corruption victim Frank McBrearty Jnr, ICTU president David Begg and SIPTU president Jack O’Connor.Mr Saro-Wiwa led a lengthy non-violent campaign against environmental damage caused by Shell and British Petroleum during oil exploration in the Niger river delta, which was the homeland of his Ogoni ethnic minority.He was hanged by the Nigerian military government in November 1995 after being found guilty on incitement to murder charges which he denied.His death caused international outrage and led to Nigeria being suspended from the British Commonwealth.Independent Co Mayo TD, Dr Jerry Cowley today urged every man, woman and child across the country to support Saturday’s rally.Dr Cowley was yesterday suspended from the Dail after trying to raise the issue with the Taoiseach.He said today: “These men have committed no crime except to protest the right for their families to be safe in their homes.“This is tantamount to internment without trial and is no different to what is happening in Guantanamo Bay.”The organisers have invited all political party leaders to attend and speak at the rally.The five Co Mayo men, who were jailed indefinitely by the High Court in June, will mark 100 days in prison next week.They were ruled to be in contempt of court for blocking construction work on an inshore gas pipeline near their homes.

Posted Date: 
30 September 2005 - 3:21pm