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Belfast Shell Picket

Students Against Poverty are calling a picket of the shell Garage on the Falls road in solidarity with the Rossport 5 this saturday.
SAP, which recently sent 30 people down to the shannon peace festival, is a broad allinace of school and university students.On sat 10th of september we held a picket of the Andersontown Shell Garage whyich was well attended and supported. It was covered by the The Andersontown News. This saturday a national rally to demand the release of the Rossport Five and the relocation of a potentially dangerous gas refinery will be held in dublin. In solidarity with this action and with the Rosspport 5 we are calling on organisations to support(press release etc) and attend tthe picket.The picket will begin at 12.30 this Saturday at the Shell, garage on the Falls road

Posted Date: 
30 September 2005 - 3:19pm