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PRESS RELEASE - Shell to Sea to protest at the return of the Dáil

Shell to Sea to protest at the return of the Dáil Wednesday 28th September 2005; Pickets of Shell and Statoil stations on Wednesday 28th September.
The Dublin Shell to Sea campaign will be protesting at the re-opening of the Dáil on Wednesday 28th of September. Protesters will gather at Kildare Street at 1pm.
The protest will call for the lifting of the injunction on the Rossport Five and for Shell to process the gas offshore. Prominent political figures from Labour, the Green Party and Sinn Féin are expected to attend.
The protest will also draw attention to the National Rally to take place on Saturday October 1st. Thousands of ordinary citizens are expected to travel from the length and breadth of Ireland and gather at 2pm at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square in support of the five imprisoned men.
Pickets of Shell and Statoil Stations are planned for Wednesday evening 28th September. The Shell To Sea campaign is calling for ordinary people to attend their local Shell or Statoil station to take part in pickets between 6.00 and 8PM that evening. People are advised to call Tadhg on 087-618 1620 for details of protests in their local area.
Máire Ní Sheighin, daughter of one of the imprisoned men Michael Ó Sheighin said:
“The five men have now completed almost 100 days in Cloverhill Prison in Dublin. What was their crime? It was to refuse Shell access to lands in the small village of Rossport to lay a high-pressure pipeline carrying unprocessed natural gas. We are calling on the government to pressure Shell to the lift the injunction on the five men. If a private company can keep ordinary citizens in jail indefinitely, then democracy is in serious danger in this country”.
PHOTOCALL NOTICE: Pickets will be at Shell Donnybrook, and Statoil Ushers Quay between 6 and 8PM on Wednesday 28th September.
For further information call Rory on 0861523542, Tadhg on 087 6181620 or Máire on 0876373719.

Posted Date: 
29 September 2005 - 5:00pm