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Statement by Tommy Broughan TD

Labour Spokesperson on Energy, Deputy Tommy Broughan, has again called on Shell to immediately lift their injunction against the ‘Rossport Five’ and for the five men to be fully involved in any dialogue and public consultation process, including the proposed public hearings of the Corrib Technical Advisory Group (TAG) in North Mayo. Deputy Broughan said, “If the proposed dialogue with the local community and public hearings of the Corrib TAG are to have any validity then the five men currently imprisoned in Cloverhill, for the 86th day, must be released immediately and allowed to fully participate in this process. The members of the North Mayo communities that are at the heart of this protest should be an integral part of these hearings, otherwise there appears little prospect of the public consultation process moving the dispute forward in any way. “Shell has stated that it is committed to engaging in dialogue. By waiving the injunction immediately and allowing the men to return home to their families the company would demonstrate its commitment to facilitating dialogue taking place. “Furthermore, Minister Noel Dempsey is set to attend the Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (CMNR) on Tuesday to discuss the Corrib pipeline development. However, this Committee hearing is to omit any discussion of the ongoing imprisonment of the five protestors, whose release should be the highest priority of all involved. Minister Dempsey must ensure that all his present efforts are focused on getting the Rossport men out of prison and this includes discussing the issue at the Tuesday CMNR Committee meeting. ” For more information contact Tommy Broughan at 087 288 0777

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:08am