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Shell's Derry connections

Think about this. The following Derry-based suppliers of home heatingoil are supplied in part or wholly by Shell Oil, the company hell-benton turning Erris, Co Mayo in to a dirty oil terminal with which toextract Ireland's natural oil without putting a cent back into theeconomy:Shell (obviously), Kelly Fuels, Springtown Fuels, LCC.The following were not able to tell me at the time of calling whetherthey are supplied at anytime by shell:Gallaghers (Brandywell): 71261389The following companies have told me that they are definitely NOTsupplied by Shell Oil:Maxol Direct 71 361136Scotts Fuels 71264444Campsie Fuels 71860836Gillen Fuels 71269174Ferguson's Coshquin 71261366 (best price for me, £305 for 900 ltrs)McGinley's Buncrana Rd: 71262632Check with them first, though, and let them know why you are asking,explain about Shell's unethical activities.

Posted Date: 
24 September 2005 - 7:37pm